Education Advisers, the company behind behind, is delighted to announce the relaunch of our website.

The domain had been up for several years but, with the site looking tired, we decided to spruce things and give the site the full attention it deserves.

Fully dedicated to the IB (international baccalaureate) curriculum in private schools, the site offers visitors:

  • The world's only Global IB Diploma schools league table
  • Separate league tables for EU and UK schools
  • Search facility by country or school 
  • Parent-friendly resources on curriculum, subject, and school choice
  • Free initial consultation on school choice 

Education Advisers Founder and MD Les Webb explains:

"We are very proud to launch the new website, which aims to be the most useful resource available on the IB's  provision in the world's best private schools. It is specifically designed to be easy for parents to use, providing essential guidance on how to differentiate between IB schools and find those offering your child the greatest chance of success.

Events of the last few years (Brexit, Coronavirus) have only served to illustrate how vital it is for the world to communicate, learn and collaborate with unity. A progressive, globally available curriculum like the IB provides a vital common framework for our childrens' future, and we are delighted to support schools which, by excelling in this curriculum, share a global and cooperative perspective."

We hope you enjoy the site!