We have teamed up with APT (Academic Profiling Test) to offer our school advice clients a standardised assessment for children who are applying to UK private schools.
Assessing a child's English Maths, Verbal reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning, the APT provides a comprehensive overview of a child's academic skills, and places them in comparison with UK independent school students of the same age (a "Standard Age Score.")
The adaptive, AI-driven test can be taken online at home, and a includes a post-result video conference feedback session with an Education Advisers consultant and a member of the APT assessment team. 
We are confident the APT will help us and our clients by:
- Providing parents, our consultants, and schools with an impartial overview of a child's current academic attributes and future potential
- Inform parents on areas where their child could benefit from additional tuition
- Monitor academic progress over a period of time
Read the information pack here, or contact us to enquire further.