Earlier this week we held an online information session with Dr. Randall Perry, founder of the Global Space Design Challenge, being held at Imperial College London this July 10th - 21st. There is also an online programme available for those who cannot make it in person. 

In his conversation with our Directors, Mary Murayama and Les Webb, Dr. Perry provides insight into how the Global Space Design Challenge is run, and how the course can also help students with aspirations to apply for the very top universities in the UK. 

The course should be of great interest to budding scientists, and Dr Perry provides further information on other online summer courses for students looking for an edge in:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Med School Prep
  • Financial Economics
  • Engineering Prep
  • Environmental Biology

We hope you find the recording below useful. Further queries can be sent to les.webb@educationadvisers.co.uk



+44 1622 813870