A new service called Our Frontline, which has been developed to assist the mental health of key workers affected by the pandemic. Round-the-clock, one-to-one mental health and bereavement resources are being made available via phone call, text or online. The service is primarily aimed towards teaching staff after fears of the toll the pandemic may be taking on educators. The British government has also released their own support for pupils and teachers: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/extra-mental-health-support-for-pupils-and-teachers

Educational publisher Twinkl recently announced it was teaming up with Our Frontline, which has been jointly set up by the Samaritans, Mind, Shout85258 and Hospice UK, with the support of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Foundation. “We have been in complete awe of teaching and school communities, who have come together to help children and young people keep learning throughout these circumstances,” said Leon Smith, chief customer officer at Twinkl. “We are pleased that this is being recognised and hope that the range of support available to teaching staff will make a difference, at this time and in the future.”

Twinkl has also partnered with the mental health based charity Mind in order to develop a range of teacher-centric resources through Our Frontline including advice on wellbeing, returning to school and the logistics of teaching amid a pandemic. You can also access Our Frontline for advice if you work in healthcare, the emergency services, in social care or if you are any other form of essential worker. 

A quote from Our Frontline: 

"As frontline health, care, emergency, education and key workers, you put yourself at physical risk as you form our frontline against the coronavirus. You are also putting your mental health under pressure. We want to help make sure you get the right support with your mental health, both now and in the future."

To access 24/7 support from Our Frontline, visit mentalhealthatwork.org.uk/ourfrontline. Alternatively, text KEYWORKER to 85258 for a confidential, free, text chat with a trained volunteer. Or call Education Support on 08000 562 561, day or night.

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